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How can green conference hotels create sustainable experiences?

"Sustainable" generally means: equally socially equitable, ecologically compatible and economically viable.

In the hotel industry, the GreenSign sustainability certification examines the aspects of management and communication, the environment (energy, water and waste), purchasing, regionality, quality management and sustainable development, social responsibility and economic responsibility.

Ecologically responsible hoteliers pay attention to the use of regional products, organic and fair trade food as well as environmentally friendly cleaning agents.

They have taken measures to conserve heat, electricity and water and are implementing environmentally friendly waste disposal and wastewater treatment. Both the purchase of green electricity, in some cases even self-produced electricity, and energy from heat recovery and photovoltaics, as well as efficient measures to save energy are firmly anchored in the sustainability concept of green hotels.

The economic stability of companies is a cornerstone and ensures qualitative and quantitative growth.

In the area of economic sustainability, both a corresponding concept for sustainability management and a clearly communicated mission statement are required. Economic stability ensures qualitative and quantitative growth and appropriate quality assurance enables future security. Long-term guest satisfaction plays a key role in the continued existence of a hotel.

Another central priority of a sustainable hotel is the social aspect.

In addition to adequate pay, fair working conditions, integration and the creation of a balanced work-life balance, sustainably certified hoteliers have also undertaken to train employees and to ensure a health-promoting atmosphere. Sustainable hoteliers also support projects or initiatives for sustainable development and the promotion of the local community outside the hotel.

In principle, sustainably certified hotels know how to sensitize their employees and guests to sustainability and how to communicate this to the outside world. The close connection to the region and the promotion of future-oriented mobility are also taken for granted.

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