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Hotels certified with the GreenSign are actively committed to protecting the climate and resources.

The GreenSign is an established sustainability certificate for the hotel industry, which is awarded by InfraCert - Institute for Sustainable Development in the Hotel Industry. The GreenSign sustainability program stands for long-term corporate responsibility and enables hotels to optimize their business processes, particularly in the areas of energy and environmental efficiency, quality management, addressing guests and strengthening employee satisfaction.

The GreenSign certification process is very demanding, practical and mature. In order to receive the certificate, 19 to 90 percent of the total of 92 questions must be answered positively according to the desired level. These comprise eight core areas for sustainable business:

  • management and communication
  • environment (energy, water and waste)
  • purchase
  • biodiversity
  • regionality and mobility
  • quality management and sustainable development
  • social responsibility
  • economic responsibility

Most of these criteria can be perceived by guests, employees and suppliers directly in the hotel. An independent auditor checks the declarations on site.

Depending on the commitment of the hotel, the classification is as follows:

Greensign Level 1
Sustainable basis

The first approach to the sustainability concept is already made.

Greensign Level 2
Sustainability on the way

The hotel has already implemented the sustainability concept.

Greensign Level 3
Exemplary sustainability

The sustainability concept is implemented and in force in almost all hotel day-to-day activities.

Greensign Level 4
Outstanding sustainability

The hotel performs most of the core criteria of sustainable business.

Greensign Level 5
sustainability professional

The sustainability concept is fully integrated in all business processes.

During the certification process, a program of measures is individually defined by the hotel, which shows defined sustainability aspects within the seven core areas with their objectives in the hotel. Thus, the GreenSign is more than just an award, but also a qualitative management system, which strives for a constant further development of the hotel in its sustainability.

This gives customers and guests the certainty that certified GreenSign hotels meet high quality requirements for sustainable business. An independent and high-ranking advisory board also acts as a voluntary control and advisory body for the certification.

The certificate must be renewed every 3 years and enables an increase in the GreenSign level with improved sustainability performance.

Unique! The GreenSign sustainability barometer

This gives hotel guests on-site and online at www.greensign.de a transparent overview of the sustainable management of each hotel in the individual core areas of certification.

GreenSign Nachhaltigkeitsbarometer

GreenSign certified & GreenSign accepted - briefly explained

On GreenConferenceHotels.com you will find exactly your appropriate and sustainably managed conference hotel for your meetings, seminars, teambuilding and conferences.

All hotels are actively committed to environmental and climate protection and have been awarded a recognized sustainability certificate. Decisive for this are the criteria of the GreenSign, which is one of the most tangible and mature management systems and one of the few certificates that encompasses all eight core areas for sustainable business.

GreenSign certified Logo
GreenSign accepted

Other conference hotels on GreenConferenceHotels.com are marked with the GreenSign accepted sign.

These hotels have been awarded a recognized sustainability certificate, which is also accepted by InfraCert. Thus, these conference hotels also meet the main criteria for sustainable hotel operation, if not to the extent of a GreenSign certified hotel.

GreenSign certified

You can recognize the GreenSign certified hotels in the hotel search on GreenConferenceHotels.com with the GreenSign certified seal. The GreenSign is awarded by InfraCert - Institute for Sustainable Development in the Hotel Industry. The certification takes place in 5 levels, which are assigned after evaluating the questions on the 8 core areas of the GreenSign certification catalog. The hotel is then checked by an independent expert during an audit.

GreenSign accepted Logo

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