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Sustainably certified conference hotels enable you to meet your own sustainable meeting requirements and comply with the EU CSR reporting obligation.

Meet consciously in harmony with nature

We have recognized how important the topic of sustainability is for the event industry. It is not only enough to reduce the ecological footprint, but all key areas of sustainability must be considered in the conference hotel.

In order to implement sustainable business practices in the area of meetings and events, sustainably certified conference hotels have committed themselves to claiming the natural, vital sources only to the extent that they can regenerate. This also includes the reduction of CO2 emissions, environmentally friendly resource management, efficient energy use and the minimization of waste at events.

Sustainable hotels are also active in the social sector by being aware of their social responsibility and by standing up to social justice. In addition to compliance with the safety standards at events, this also includes supporting social projects, working time compensation and equal opportunities for employees and taking into account the needs of local residents at the event location.

Economically speaking, sustainably committed hoteliers operate effectively and efficiently in order to be able to offer conference guests excellent services in a pleasant environment also in the future.

In short: Hotels are really sustainable if they achieve their economic success while at the same time maintaining environmental and social compatibility. Therefore, on you will only find hotels that are fully certified according to these criteria with the GreenSign sustainability seal or sustainability seal accepted by GreenSign.

GreenSign certified Siegel

You can recognize the GreenSign certified hotels in the hotel search on with the GreenSign certified seal. 

The GreenSign is awarded by InfraCert - Institute for Sustainable Development in the Hotel Industry. The certification is devided in 5 levels, which are assigned after evaluating the questions on the 8 core areas of the GreenSign certification catalog. The hotel is then checked by an independent expert during an audit.

Other conference hotels on are marked with the GreenSign accepted sign.

These hotels have been awarded a recognized sustainability certificate, which is also accepted by InfraCert. Thus, these conference hotels also meet the main criteria for sustainable hotel operation, if not to the extent of a GreenSign certified hotel.

Book your event in a sustainably certified conference hotel now and benefit from the best price with a clear conscience!

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